Target Novel and Screenwriting

    Contemporary Intrigue,Thriller and Comedic Drama

      Target's Quality Fiction is created through

Dr Milt Saunders' individual and Team-Writing Efforts.

      If you are an intermediate to advanced writer and interested in exploring the Team-Writing Method which has been so successful for major fiction publishers and producers, please contact me and submit a sample of your work for free evaluation.

      Target is looking for potential, not perfection. We are all works in progress when it comes to the art and craft of outstanding creative fiction. We will grow and improve together.

      There are no fees to participate in the cooperative team-writing at Target. We create together and profit together. Target Novel and Screenwriting's platform and growing industry connections can be of great value in the polishing and marketing of our mutually produced products.

     Working together can yield a greater volume of  high-quality, commercially viable creative writing and thus greater profit and fame for all of us and more great fiction for the commercial consumer/ reader/ movie-goer.

      Whatever kind of experience the reader or movie-goer is seeking,within the boundaries of decency and professionalism, we can and will deliver. 


     Check out Target's Quality Fiction-On Schedule page for a sampling of Dr. Saunders' individual works-in-progress. Look around the Target website and if you have any comments, questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact me via the, It's Easy to Contact Target page. Our Video and Blog pages are about to be launched. Members are invited to participate on those pages as well.

There's much more to come!

All information is treated confidentially.

I will respond to inquiries promptly.