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      I'm Dr. Milt Saunders, President and founder of Target Novel and Screenwriting.  Target's diligent attention to both the art and the craft of quality writing guarantees that our imaginative story-telling meets or exceeds the high standards of the industry.

       I am sure that when you hear or read our story "pitches", you will recognize their potential. 

     Target's commitment to the high intensity Team-Writing Process creates quality fiction within a reasonable time. This reduces the delays which often create problems for agents, publishers and producers.

     So, if spell-binding screenplays or novels are what you are looking for,  Think Target Novel and, Target's team-writers.

       I and Target's teams welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and to deliver the best service and highest quality products in the industry.

Dr Milt Saunders, aka Mark SharpTitles In Production:

"Plausible Deniability" ( thriller series)

     It's about a retired CIA super-spy whose independent "Global  Intelligence Services" is contracted by the CIA to handle the politically sensitive mission of preventing the imminent sale of stolen Soviet suitcase nuclear bombs by the Red Mafia to Al Qaeda Jihadists. He is surprised when his old KGB arch enemy, who now heads the FSB (new KGB), knocks on his door to enlist his help in the same matter.

The clock is ticking and the fate of The World is in the balance.

"Straight Shooter" (a thriller series)

     It's about an NYPD police dectective's quest to track down a serial killer/terrorist in New York City. This villian is also leading militant Islamic "sleeper cells" in five major US cities. In only three days those cities are to become targets of an even more ominous and devastating threat.The clock is ticking as our hero has to overcome a uncooperative federal beurocracy as well as the clever deceptions of the villian.

"Vegas Jackpot" (comedic  thriller/series)

     It's about an "everyman type" salesman who takes a weekend sidetrip to Las Vegas and accidentally acquires the "money stuffed" luggage case of a Mafia "Kingpin".  He is torn between "finders keepers, losers weepers" thinking until he discovers the identity of the owner.  Then he is torn by feelings of guilt for departing from his "staight arrow" ways and fear over the likely price he might have to pay if discovered in his bumbling attempts to return the money. A "Keystone Cops" chase ensues when the casino's cameras reveal his identity to the Mob.

"The Heart of The Matter" (dramatic thriller)

     It's about a world-famous Jewish heart surgeon at New York University Hospital who is asked by the CIA to perform a life-saving heart/lung transplant on the son of Osama bin Laden's second-in-command. The CIA covertly extracts him with his mother from the family's hiding place in Pakistan, in exchange for the wife providing secret information from her hubands computer.  The only "match" for the transplant turns out to be the Jewish son of the Israeli Ambassador who is newly brain-dead due to a Palestinian "Hammas" bullet in a raid on the embassy occurring at the same time.

"It's Greek To Me" (comedic thriller)

     It's about two "sixties-something", retired nurses who decide to take an exciting cruise through the Greek Isles before they are too old to enjoy it. Greek rebels pirate the small luxury cruise ship and abduct them for ransom to support their cause. The bumbling amateur rebels are driven "out of their minds" by their abductees, ala O'Henry's "The Ransom of Red Chief". They struggle to return them to the mainland despite the "great time" the two are having and their resistance to leaving.

"TGIF" (dramatic thriller)

     It's about a high school teacher who gets car-jacked and robbed by an ex-student only to have the Mafia attempt to rob him. This results in a shoot-out in which Mafia leader, Big Tony, is killed and the thief is wounded. Now our innocent teacher is caught up in a run for her life as The Mafia tries to avenge his death. 

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