Target Novel and Screenwriting

    Contemporary Intrigue,Thriller and Comedic Drama

     Dr. Milt Saunders, Target's Team-Writing Leader Invites Agents, Publishers and Producers to Consider Our Creative Works.

       I am a writer of novels and screenplays. Additionally, I encourage intermediate to advanced level fiction writers to join me in producing quality product in quantity. The "Two heads are better than one." philosophy, yields results at Target.

       You..the agents, publishers and producers are invited to judge our creations and/or request product per your specs. Please give Target the opportunity to prove our method to you. Our mutual success and the public's enthusiasm for our creative products will verify your good judgement in giving us a try.

Dr. Saunders' Personal Background:    

       I am a retired physician, professional speaker and intelligence specialist with extensive studies in the cultures, religions and politics of the Middle East and Russia. Most of my individual writings reflect my expertise in militant Islamic extremist activities and terrorism. My personal and passionate endeavor is to provide the World with spellbinding novels and screenplays in these timely genres.

Agents and publishers or producers are invited to check out my loglines on this website or may request "pitch sessions", samples or query letters in person, by phone. email or snail mail. P;ease also feel free to participate in our blog and view our video page.